Tuesday, May 7, 2013

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The Prince, Machiavelli uses Borgia as an example to elucidate the dangers of acquiring a principality by virtue of another. Although Cesare Borgia's father gave him the power to set up, Cesare ruled the Romagna with skill and tact for the most part. However, when his father died, and a rival to the Borgia family entered the Papal seat, Cesare was overthrown in a matter of months.

The Prince - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Monday, May 6, 2013

RE: Science fiction series.

The series I mentioned before is the “Galactic Center” series by Gregory Benford.   I recently read the second book when I found out that the first book didn’t get the best reviews, although I plan to read that too.   I actually started the series in the 1990’s when I picked up the third book in a bookstore, so I have read the series mostly out of order.  The actual order that I read the books was…








I thought that the second book was a masterpiece and #5 was really good too.   I seem to remember books 3 and 4 being a little slow in places but still intriguing.


I am now finishing Hyperion, which is different, very long, very interesting and much more highly acclaimed.