Tuesday, January 9, 2018


The first roundabout I ever saw was in my neighborhood of Sugarhouse in Salt Lake City. It was fairly small, and replaced a 4 way intersection. As you approached it there was a sign that said "Traffic Circle" which created some confusion in my mind as to whether it should be called a roundabout or a traffic circle.

It turns out the two terms are not for the same thing. Traffic Circles are larger and do no require you to yield before entering. Roundabouts are smaller, and you must yield before you enter. The traffic is slower on roundabouts than traffic circles, making them safer.

In the last decade we have seen an explosion of roundabouts and I like them. They are safer and faster than normal intersections.


Sunday, January 7, 2018


I pronounced "Erudite" with a long "U" sound, but I watched about five videos on how to pronounce the word, and all seem to be a short U.  In fact, most sounded like a short "A" sound which makes little sense to me.

In this regard, I notice that many of the short vowel sounds pronounced in English don't seem that distinct from each other, at least in the United States.  Maybe this is why so many speakers from the British Empire use long vowel sounds, just the opposite of American speakers.  For example, "Evolution" with a long E sound.