Saturday, August 20, 2022

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The Columbus Mall has either closed or is in the process of closing.  The city bought the property and is turning it into some kind of recreation/exercise center.  They are calling it a "Park" and construction has started.

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Economic trends toward efficiency:

I watch stores close in the mall. JC Penny combined their two stores into one.  The Greenwood mall is not so bad, but the Columbus mall has half the stores empty. 

Downloadable video games are quickly replacing physical media.  This is bad for GameStop, who is in financial trouble and is looking for someone to buy them.  

Streaming services are also replacing physical media.  

Movie theaters, banks, and fast food restaurants have self serve kiosks.  Airports have had self serve kiosks for awhile.  The word "kiosk" wasn't even in my vocabulary 8 years ago. 

A few fast food restaurants are in installing Flippy, the robot burger maker, especially in areas with a higher minimum wage.  This makes me think that restaurants eventually will be completely automated.  For example, I've seen video of a prototype home cooking robot.  

Maybe drones will deliver food to your door. 

Just in the last couple of years there has been an explosion in computer learning.  Machines are getting smarter, faster.  They haven't taken your job yet, but eventually they might. 

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